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Culture Really Does Matter
Cultural Diagnostic Research

We are fully qualified and experienced researchers specialising in studying organisational behaviour. We have conducted many Ethnographic studies of corporate culture and these have informed successful cultural change projects. As trained Ethnographers we can design and implement research methodologies that are perfectly suited for unpacking and describing culture at work. Ethnographic research is not inhibited by the nature of the organisation, therefore we can work as researchers with clients who are seeking to develop community change projects as well as corporate change initiatives in both public and private sector settings. The nature of our ethnographic skills can be applied to the following outcomes:

1. Partial corporate ethnography: This involves writing a descriptive account of culture at work to reveal the cultural themes, meaning systems, values and assumptions which both constrain and enable the expressions of a management team or a staff group. This approach is very useful in advance of a cultural change project and can also be employed to enable the successful integration of departments or separate organisations.

2. Consumer cultural drivers: Ethnographic research is an excellent method for understanding the cultural drivers that influence consumer behaviour and attitudes. For example understanding the way in which citizens relate to public services in cultural terms can have an incredible influence of public sector policy and strategic success. We can work with you to unearth the symbolic meanings which consumers attach to your products and services and this data can be used to structure service development, policy and strategy design.

3. Sub culture analysis: Organisations do not host one integrated unequivocal culture. It is our view that organisations are composed of a network of subcultures through which the activities of the organisation are mediated. When approaching strategic change which will require the co-ordination of all the component parts of the organisation it is often extremely helpful to appreciate the cultural norms of the different subgroups that constitute the organisation at large. We can employ ethnographic methods to do this and report back to the client cultural data that may require their attention. We can use the research data to advise the client of ways that dominant cultural themes at the level of sub cultural analysis may inhibit or energise future strategy applications.

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