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Culture Really Does Matter

Client Case Studies

The Cultural Change Company was invited by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide a training programme (The Cultural Change Practitioners Tool kit) that was action orientated towards Business Change Practice.

The Cultural Change Company was invited by the team at Adam Smith Business school, University of Glasgow to
support a multi-disciplinary teaching team and design and deliver core elements of a change management course
sponsored by The British Council of India.

The Cultural Change Company was invited to draft a Research Proposal for East Hampshire Council that would investigate the way in which the established organisational culture ‘blocked’ and ‘enabled’ strategic change efforts. Working with the HR team following the implementation of the research strategy we provided a detailed Executive Change Leadership Report with suggested actions.

We were delighted to have been commisioned to deliver a four day programme 'Coaching skills for individuals with entreprenurial mindsets' for the European Summer School for Advanced Management #ESSAM2022

The Cultural Change Company was invited to deliver a Managing Talent and Succession Planning course for future HRM Leaders. The course was part of the master’s programme offered by The University of Strathclyde Business School and involved over 70 participants. The course was delivered over 4 days as part of the client’s Spring School Calendar.

David Potter, the founder of The Cultural Change Company, is a highly accomplished conference speaker. He was invited by the Programme Director for the RAF Leadership Programme to work alongside their executive leadership group in a knowledge transfer project. This involved 45 Group Captains and David ran a post-dinner session with them on the cultural dimension of strategic leadership and used shared experiences underpinned by academic frameworks to enable knowledge transfer.

The Cultural Change Company was invited to deliver a 2-day programme on Conscious Leadership skills. The course was part of the European Summer School for Advanced Management (2019) involving both part and fulltime International students. The course was delivered over 2 days as part of the client’s overarching learning programme.

The Cultural Change Company was invited to run a NLP Rapport Building Course for Change Leaders operating across East Sussex Council. The course was commissioned by the Director of Human Resources. The participants were drawn from middle and senior management roles and worked across the Council in a variety of support service roles.

The Cultural Change Company was invited to take part in the MBA Master Class programme organised by Portsmouth University Business School. This Master Programme aimed to invite workshop providers who operate at the highest level in industry enabling successful cultural change outcomes in organisations. The audience included over 30 Executive MBA students as well as MBA alumni. All of these participants were experienced managers working in industry.

The Adam Smith Business School engaged The Cultural Change Company to work with a team of Executive MBA students to prepare them to function as a high performance coaching team. The coaching techniques were based on NLP Rapport Building applications. The MBA students were drawn from international cultural domains. The aim was to prepare the coaching team to support the delivery of NLP training courses to over 150 international students of management science.

Strathclyde University Graduate School of Business:

2002 -2008    PhD Cultural Change Dynamics (Special Commendation)
2004-2005    PgDip Business Research Methods
1999-2002    Executive MBA (Specialisation: change management)

The Cultural Change Company were delighted to have been commissioned to work with the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, to deliver a NLP Rapport Building course to MSc Business students as part of their innovative Graduate Award Programme. Adam Smith is the largest business school in Scotland and one of the largest in the UK.

The Cultural Change Company was invited to join a multi-disciplinary team to design and deliver a Scenario Planning course to Honours students based at St Andrews University Gateway Business School. This project involved crafting course materials and presentation support for three core workshops employing methodologies such as:

The Cultural Change Company was invited by the Scottish Tourism Conference to deliver two presentations and related workshops to 300 Tourism Leaders at their yearly conference. The title of the workshop was:

“From Coach to Awakener: Gaining sustainable competitive advantage through NLP Applications”

The Cultural Change Company was delighted to be commissioned by Open Forum Events Ltd as key-note presenters at this exciting conference: www.openforumevents.co.uk/managing-change-transforming-public-services-programme. At this UK-wide conference over 200 leading public sector change executives came together to share experiences and develop strategic approaches to working with and managing organisational culture.

The Cultural Change Company was invited to deliver a Strategic Change Management Course for future Change Leaders operating across 20 countries worldwide. The course was offered by Adam Smith Business School University of Glasgow and involved over 300 participants. The participants were from diverse occupational backgrounds such as engineers, graphic designers and bio chemists. The client invited The Cultural Change Company to work with established and experienced senior academics who specialise in global consulting to teach multiple strategic change management techniques. The action learning sets were delivered through a programme of 18 interactive and reflective sessions.

Prior to establishing The Cultural Change Company David Potter was appointed the lead change leader for representing the organisation as part of the Glasgow Family 1 Business Transformation Project specifically to co-ordinate the SAP implementation project. He also established a 3
year Cultural Change Project which involved 250 line managers throughout the organisation responsible for 8,500 operational staff. The cultural change project was known as ‘The Cordia Way’ and its full journey is detailed in thebook ‘Leading Cultural Change’ published in 2015. https://amzn.to/2vW8PEQ

The Cultural Change Company was invited by Adam Smith Business School of University of Glasgow to lead
on the design of content for an online Change Management Certified course https://www.futurelearn.com/