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Culture Really Does Matter

About The Cultural Change Company

Every day, in organisations all over the world, managers and leaders are asking themselves critical cultural questions.  

“Is my workplace’s digital culture well designed for maximum productivity?” 

“Does the culture in my workplace encourage creativity, freedom of ideas and collaboration?” 

“Are my employees happy with the culture in our workplace?” 

“How can we move away from the negative culture that exists in modern business?” 

Here at The Cultural Change Company, we can work with you to answer these vital cultural questions and implement a new, positive culture in the workplace environment. 


Why trust us to improve your workplace culture?

The team at The Cultural Change Company are all experts in their fields. They boast decades of experience in HRM, cultural change, behavioural change, leadership and change management.  

David Potter, the founder and Principal Partner of The Cultural Change Company, is a well-respected author and academic in the fields of Change Management. Behavioural Change and Effective Leadership. In addition to his academic and scholarly success, David also has 25 years of practical experience within the world of business, acting as a senior manager leading change across complex organisations. 

In recent years David Potter has focused on building practical training products that are designed to improve the mindset of leaders, helping them implement a more positive and forward-thinking culture at workplaces across the country. David's training products also cover important topics such as conscious leadership, advanced soft skills and collaborative team working skills. He regularly teaches various courses on these topics to award-winning business schools throughout the UK and Europe.

If you’re interested in educating yourself further on cultural change and leadership theories, why not browse through David Potters literacy publications, which have been revered for their fresh perspectives on organisational cultural and change leadership.  


Our approach to Cultural Change 

By forming a creative partnership, we can establish well-formed cultural change goals with built-in critical success factors to help improve the culture in your workplace. 

Through our unique approach to tackling and improving the culture at work, we will: 

  • Accelerate and deepen your cultural change management and leadership skills
  • Provide you with a rich cultural change toolkit
  • Enhance your coaching and consultancy cultural change skills
  • Build a business-focused culture aligning your people with your mission, vision and ambitions.
  • Develop a high-performance customer focused innovative culture
  • Enrich your cultural diversity and stakeholder inclusion
  • Develop high-powered enabling beliefs and values that support your brand
  • Make intelligent investments in cultural change strategies
  • Significantly strengthen staff and stakeholder engagement with your leadership teams
  • Generate cultural intelligence that will generate a high return from your cultural change interventions.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help improve the culture and leadership in your workplace, get in contact with us today.