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Culture Really Does Matter

Business Schools

At the Cultural Change Company, we work closely with registered business schools up and down the UK to deliver leadership and soft skills training to the next generation of business owners and managers. 

Our courses range from 'influencing skills' through to 'change leadership skills’, with every course and program designed to increase the participant's knowledge and understanding of modern working practices and environments. 

We focus on giving practical and applicable advice on how to improve workplace culture, enhance working practices, create enjoyable, productive working environments and harness the leadership skills of both yourself and the people around you.  

If you are interested in taking advantage of our services to provide your students with a forward-thinking approach to business culture and leadership, call our team today on 07450 962 526.  


Our business courses are perfect for... 

We offer effective leadership training courses that focus on the development of soft skills and influencing skills. We also delve into workplace culture, business culture and provide advice on how to effectively enhance the culture of any business or organisation.  

Our Business School Courses are ideal for Business Management students, including business executives undergoing MBA development.  

Whether it’s a night school, a weekend course, or a short 6-week business development course, we can cater our courses and lessons to fit your schedule, needs and requirements.  

We also design and deliver bespoke courses that are integral to Master's degree programs for up to 30 credits.


The approach we take to teaching 

Our approach to our business school partnerships is to develop educational and training products that represent proven methodologies drawn from the classic organisational development school. To enhance and modernise these teachings, we incorporate cutting-edge methods concerning: 

We believe that through this type of learning, business students can develop their understanding of effective leadership and management, and look at the world of business through a different lens.  

Our methodologies are by no means “new-age”, but we do feel that our modern approach to business culture and leadership places candidates on the best possible path to success for a happy and fulfilled working life within the world of business.  


What are soft skills? 

A key part of our business school courses is the teaching and development of soft skills.  

As many of you will know, soft skills are essential for business success. Soft skills are defined as skills that enable a person to interact and work with others in a productive, harmonious way. Without solid soft skills, the world of business can become a difficult sea to navigate.  

Our soft skills teachings help students to develop aspects of their personality that will help them: 

  • Create better working relationships 
  • Become better communicators 
  • Be more open and receptive to feedback 
  • Improve work ethic  
  • Improve listening skills  
  • Become better team players  
  • Become more open to growth, development and change 

If you agree that these skills are invaluable in the workplace, then our course could be a perfect fit for your school or program.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for further information 


Why choose The Cultural Change Company? 

We are highly experienced in delivering bespoke leadership and soft skills courses to several leading business schools in the UK. We like to think outside the box and thus offer engaging, dynamic courses that are designed to encourage business students to look at leadership and business culture from a different perspective.  

We have associates who specialise in coaching students through their dissertation journey, designing and delivering tutorials and also developing and delivering lecture programs and interactive workshops. 

To elicit the help of our team or to find out more about the bespoke courses we can readily provide for business schools, get in touch with the Cultural Change team today.