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Culture Really Does Matter

The Cultural Change Company is a proud to be a CMI Recognised Partner to deliver Change Leadership training courses

Some of our courses have been externally evaluated and bench marked by The Chartered Management Institute against national occupational satndards for management training and have been awarded the status of CMI recognised programmes e.g. 

Cultural Change Consultancy and Leadership Certification

Advanced Soft Skills for Line Managers 

NLP certification for Project Managers 

All of the above courses offer clients a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) recognised programme. We are partners with The CMI and are proud to be one of their 'Recognised Centres'. Website: www.managers.org.uk/Centres-RP

CMI Endorsement

CMI recognition is an exemplary way to show that you have completed a training programme benchmarked against Management training quality modelled by the ‘National Occupational Standards’.

Affiliate Membership of CMI

When you complete any one of the above you will have the option for a nominal registration fee to receive automatic Affiliate Membership of CMI for one year. Members receive over £1000 worth of added value, including industry leading publications, access to a complete record of learning and CPD, networking opportunities at CMI events, a vibrant online community, webinars and the professional recognition gained with membership of the professional body for managers and leaders, that demonstrates your skills the world. Your membership also includes CMI Achieve, which is a CMI Online mentoring programme.