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Culture Really Does Matter

Building a Culture of Conscious Leadership


A significant driver of disengagement amongst employees is a lack of psychological safety. All too often this is generated from weak and underdeveloped intra- and interpersonal skills on the part of managers. 

Addressing those issues head on, this book enables leaders to lead with conscious awareness to build and sustain psychologically safe cultures through which team members may positively engage with work in a far more meaningful and purposeful way. 

Authors David Potter and Jens Starke unpack these drivers in detail and showcase a model that can be used as the basis of personal development and as a large-scale intervention into the leadership culture of an organisation. The book also tackles the question of, “What are interpersonal skills” and gives practical guidance on how to improve your own intra- and interpersonal skills 

This model is very accessible and can be used in a structured training programme through a series of action learning workshops based upon coaching relationships and mutual dialogue. 


The theory of conscious leadership 

One of the core principles of this book is conscious leadership.  

Through years of research into the areas of management and leadership, we’ve found that all too often, leadership-follower relationships are purely transactional and focus on errors and problems. These dynamics result in weak rapport, low levels of emotional intelligence on the part of line managers and, subsequently, employee disengagement. 

We firmly believe that being a more conscious leader will not only improve your own management and leadership skills, but also help foster better working relationships. In this book you’ll learn how to enhance your leadership skills, better understand the mentality of a good leader and use our advice and practical framework to implement the lessons into real life practice.  


Who is this book for? 

The book is ideal reading for anyone interested in enhancing their leadership skills and improving their mindset of leadership practices. In particular this text is perfect for HRM managers, change leaders, learning and development managers, students of management and leadership, and line managers in organisations who are involved in leadership roles. 

Grab your copy of Building a Culture of Conscious Leadership today to improve interpersonal skills, learn new theories and frameworks on management and to enhance your understanding of conscious leadership.  

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