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Culture Really Does Matter
Strategies For Cultural Change

Module 1: Cultural Diagnosis and Reporting

Diagnosing culture at work which is disabling strategic change, or hindering organisational effectiveness is the most important element of a cultural change intervention. This stage ensures that the client is very precise about what their change problem in cultural terms actually is. This module involves a period of organisational research to unpack culture at work in specific cultural domains. The research typically involves identification and grouping of key stakeholders to participate in a research project which aims to detail specific aspects of the culture at work that may be inhibiting organisational performance. The output from this module would be a client report which details cultural themes that could be the target of cultural change intervention and client options for moving forward. The research design would be structured following a consultation process with the client.

Module 2: Intervention Design

The design stage of a cultural change project is best enabled through collaboration with an external change partner who would work with the clients designated ‘internal change manager’. We would work with your team to design the intervention framework best suited to your cultural change project. This process would typically involve a mix of change technologies creatively blended together to ensure the perfect solution is applied to your cultural needs. The output of this module would be a full intervention design that is designed by The Cultural Change Company in partnership with your own team. The design framework would include change technologies that enable:

  • Building the case for change
  • Building the leadership capacity for change
  • Building owner ship for change results
  • Building a cultural change network
  • Building change support capability
  • Building a mentoring programme
  • Active change intervention
  • Building an internal marketing programme
  • Evaluating progress
  • Evaluating results

Module 3: Enabling Intervention & Successful Change

This module would ensure that you would be confident that the intervention is being carried out smoothly and in line with the change programme. We would work with your internal change leaders and your leadership team to provide technical support and active participation throughout key stages of the change intervention. This would typically involve delivering to the client group cultural change workshops, presentations and facilitating change leadership meetings. We would also lead on progress research episodes to evaluate how the change programme was being received by key stakeholders as well as its effectiveness in relation to the change problem. We would make ourselves available to work closely with your change leaders throughout the intervention period to share knowledge and expertise.

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