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Culture Really Does Matter

Leading Cultural Change, The Theory and Practice of Successful Organizational Transformation


With extensive coverage of the major theories and concepts of organizational culture alongside diagnostic tools and a practical framework for implementation, Leading Cultural Change is the perfect text to help readers analyse and diagnose their current organizational culture, be it as an employee, a business owner or an expert within the field or organizational culture. 

Leading Cultural Change delves into the awareness of the key challenges of changing organizational culture and gives helpful advice and tips on how to overcome these hurdles. The reader will also learn how to adapt their leadership style, ensuring they are fit to lead a cultural change program.  

Taking in core topics such as change context, language and dialogue as a key cultural process, and the change team process, this academic test uses a longitudinal case study of Cordia, a public sector organization transitioning into a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), providing a real-world example of cultural change in process, helping to enhance the learning and understanding of the reader on the topic of organizational culture and cultural change.


What is organizational culture? 

Organizational culture is omnipresent within businesses and organizations across the globe. It is the traits that make a company what it is, including all the values, working practices, relationship dynamics and expectations that guide the daily actions of every employee.  

Making a change in an organization's culture isn’t easy, as these cultures are ingrained in the business and become automatic over time. However, by making small shifts in organizational culture, businesses and organizations can dramatically improve productivity, workplace happiness and other key elements that impact both employee satisfaction and company profit.  

Find out more about the importance of organizational culture and learn practical tips on how to shape or influence it by reading Leading Cultural Change 


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Leading Cultural Change is a unique text, rooted in behavioural sciences, which explores the topic as an organizational necessity to achieving sustained competitive advantage. 

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