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NLP for Change Leaders: The Butterfly Effect


Existing guides, frameworks and texts have taught us a lot about transformational leadership. Many of us understand how to design change-leadership programmes, and we know how to prescribe best practice change methods.  

Yet, despite all this knowledge, it is reported that up to 70% of transformational leadership projects fail to realize many of their primary objectives. Why?  

The fault lines are cited as occurring at the micro level of social interaction, embedded in the daily frameworks and habits that we take for granted.  

What we don’t adequately explain and demonstrate within existing change leadership literature is how change leaders may consciously generate in themselves, and in others, resourceful mindsets, emotions, attitudes, and behaviours to enable positive transformational leadership dynamics.  

Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Change Leaders: The Butterfly Effect fills this gap by connecting the practices of personal development with those of corporate change leadership, with the hope to develop a greater understanding and teach practical tips on the practice of transformation in leadership 


How can this book help? 

This book has the vision of advancing NLP as a serious technology in the change leader’s tool box.  

Author David Potter introduces new ideas and practices on transformational leadership and challenges operations managers, HR practitioners, OD specialists, and students of management to improve their effectiveness as change leaders.  

The forward-thinking text gives vital information on the idea of transformation in leadership in three main ways: 

Firstly, the book focuses on the benefits of applied NLP to transformational leaders as a generative change toolkit.  

Secondly, it provides a model that shows change leaders how to build a climate of psychological safety to establish rapport with stakeholders.  

And thirdly, the book provides a strategy for enabling broader cultural change and stakeholder engagement throughout the organization. 


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