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Culture Really Does Matter

Role Models do Matter

11 December 2022

Once upon a time I started an MBA course. Sitting at the back of a class of over 70 students I was nervous, though that kind of excited state that you get when you are on the edge of the unknown. My first class was Organisational Behaviour and Change. My lecturer was a local chap from Glasgow who shall remain nameless to spare his blushes. Though suffice to say he captivated and inspired the class with his ideas and style of delivery. He talked about change leadership and organisational behaviour in a very accessible way without diluting the theoretical substance of the materials.

He was a terrific teacher. I knew at that point that I had found my calling. I wanted to study and practice change leadership to the highest standards. Then I wanted to share this exciting body of knowledge and practical applications with other open-minded managers and students of management. I wanted to awaken in management teams the belief system that they can craft the culture they truly want to belong to at work and share with them the knowledge and practices that they needed to master.

Years later here I am following my passion and continuing to build a new career through The Cultural Change Company. I teach change leadership on master’s programmes. I collaborate with outstanding practitioners and I work with clients on cultural change methods.I enjoy writing and especially collaborations and I present and facilitate change in organisations.

 Please do look at some of the results of our work at www.culturalchange.co.uk esepcially under 'Training Products' and 'Client Case Studies' and I do hope you like what you see and enjoy the sound of our ideas and if you like the feel of our approach and would like to chat about your own change development needs please do contact me I would be delighted to hear from you [email protected]