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Coaching & Mentoring Cultural Change Management

20 February 2023

Coaching & Mentoring Cultural Change Management



Are you planning to embark on leading a cultural change project in your organisation ? Do you want to lead cultural change interventions from a position of confidence regards working with cultural change management models and techniques?

If so, then I can support you by guiding you  through our comprehensive cultural change management coaching & mentoring programme.

Coaching Model

Our cultural change management coaching programme consists of 12 coaching session delivered via zoom or TEAMS at a pace that fits with your own preferred scheduling. The coaching programme addresses 3 core modules.

Module 1. Cultural Diagnosis and Reporting

Diagnosing the culture at work that is disabling strategic change, or hindering organisational effectiveness, is arguably the most important element of a cultural change intervention. This module introduces cultural research methods which are ideally suited to identifying cultural change ‘blockers’ and ‘enablers’ and working with these to deliver successful cultural change.

Module 2: Intervention Design

This module would typically involve introducing you to a mix of change technologies that can be optimised to ensure the perfect solution is applied to any cultural change situation. The output of this module would be the capacity to create a full cultural change intervention framework .

Module 3: Enabling Intervention and Successful Change

This module would ensure that you are confident the intervention is being carried out smoothly and in line with the change programme. We would explain the full range of technical support required for key stages of the change intervention. This module includes several ‘Pulse Checks’, methods for sense checking progress against well-formed outcomes.

Your investment in our coaching programme will ensure that you are fully prepared, confident, and ready to meet the challenge of leading successful cultural change interventions.

Your Cultural Change Coach

Your Cultural Change Coach would be Dr David Potter. 

David holds an Executive MBA and a PhD researching organisational culture and its dynamics.  David also holds a Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring. He is an advanced soft skills trainer having studied with world class behavioural change experts based at the campus of University of California Santa Cruz. David is passionate about sharing the ideas, models and methods that underpin the challenging and fascinating subject that is cultural change management. 

 For more information, visit www.culturalchange.co.uk, where you can view our training products and client case studies, or you may email [email protected] to have a chat.