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Introducing; The Cultural Change Practitioners Tool Kit

14 November 2022


Every day in organisations throughout our world, leaders of change are asking themselves critical cultural questions such as

“How do we engage with our staff?”

“How do we align strategy and culture?”

” How do we change limiting beliefs?”

“How do we encourage our teams to work differently?”

“How do we change our culture?”

We all know that questions have enormous strategic and operational implications for the ongoing success of the organisation. Here at The Cultural Change Company we can work with you to answer these questions. Through creative dialogue with you we can establish well-formed cultural change goals with built in critical success factors. Through the collaborative design of cultural change strategies and practical change management applications we can work with you to solve the problems implied in the questions above. We have developed   The Cultural Change Practitioners Tool Kit  to enable this shared learning project.


Practical Solutions for Practical Clients

To change culture at work means to change the nature of the assumptions and values that generate behaviours and attitudes that may have served your organisation well in the past and which now are seen to be blocking your success. This is very personal change work which trades at the level of identity and values that people will protect and guard from change. Most people would agree that this is messy, tough, emotionally demanding change work that is fraught with difficulties. Our highly innovative action learning project provides a toolkit for the trained practitioner that will alleviate many of these difficulties.

The Cultural Change Practitioners Tool Kit includes a set of tools for working with change leaders and their teams to enable them to discover and harness extraordinary generative change powers within themselves. It enables participants to transform established social dynamics and move onto new levels of creativity in their professional lives. 

Our Approach

We all know that cultural change is a very specialised area of change practice. Investing in the right training course is critical to avoiding an enormous amount of unnecessary anxiety and loss of resources. We have designed this very practical course based upon quality research which will demonstrate a model of cultural change leadership involving three distinctive modules: 

  1. Cultural Diagnosis and Reporting
  2. Intervention Design
  3. Enabling Intervention and Successful Change


Who is this course for?

This exciting new course is designed for HR Managers, Operational Managers, Heads of Department, and Senior Team Leaders involved in leading and managing change in their organisations. It is also very suitable for Business Coaches involved in Executive Coaching and Change Consultants who are seeking to specialise in the cultural dimension of change management consultancy. We intend to demystify cultural change and provide change leaders with all the knowledge and skills they require for success.


Experiential Learning by Doing

We use an exciting learning strategy that combines innovative ideas with an action learning approach developed around proven change management methods. Our legacy is to leave you with transferable skills that you can share with your colleagues and which will improve your change leadership capabilities. This course is very practical and experiential and is based upon Industry best practice examples and innovative ideas regards cultural change work.


Course Aims

The aim of this learning project is to work collaboratively with you to develop many understandings and skill sets regarding managing and leading organisational culture. Throughout our shared learning journey, you will develop competent skills in culture analysis and the leadership and design of cultural change in your work settings. The specific course objectives are to introduce you to ways of:

    Thinking about organisational culture
    Planning for cultural change
    Identifying soft skills requirements
    Preparing others to lead cultural change
    How to diagnose cultural fault lines
    Appreciating the impact that organisational culture has on strategic outcomes
    Designing cultural change interventions
    Building the case for change
    Working with methods of analysing cultural change in process
    Leading cultural change
    Marketing of cultural change

Attending this course will enable you to improve your management decisions concerning leading and working with cultural change initiatives at every management level.


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For more information on the content of this innovative programme please contact [email protected]  and check out our course brochure at Cultural Change | Training Products