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03 October 2022

Culture impacts upon the strategic  capacity of an organisation

Organizational culture remains the most critical aspect of the managerial experience. It is widely understood that when a change strategy is incompatible with the culture of the organization, the strategy fails. Managers can find themselves trapped within their current market dynamics, unable to escape the clutches and influence of established cultural paradigms as they try to navigate serious strategic change. As a consequence they need to have some kind of developed conceptual and practical framework for both understanding organizational culture and for working with its dynamic processes. Culture controls expression, and how organizational members express themselves impacts the strategic potential of the organization.

What is the right kind of cultural change intervention strategy?

On our  Cultural Change Consultancy and Leadership Certification prgramme, Cultural Change Consultancy Certification we adopt an action learning approach. We use case studies, draw on established methods and theories and link all the stages of action learning to practical matters that the participants deal with day in and day out in their own organisations. This is experiential based learning aiming to build activities of progressive cultural change in our client’s organisations. The action learning approach we use is relevant to all organizations regardless of sector as it provides an example of the problematic nature of cultural change. 

Who is the course for?

This innovative course is designed for HR Managers, Operational Managers, Heads of Department and Senior Team Leaders involved in leading and managing change in their organisations. It is also very suitable for Business Coaches involved in Executive Coaching and Change Consultants who are seeking to specialise in the cultural dimension of change management consultancy. We intend to demystify cultural change and provide change leaders with all the knowledge and skills they require for success.

Final Thoughts

Our main assertion is that culture can be changed in a managed way. Many popular management books are ‘how to’ sequential and common-sense approaches supported with heroic vignettes of chief executives who transformed ‘weak’ cultures into winning ‘strong’ cultures. Such populism lacks explanatory  power and airbrushes over the harsh complexity and subsequent difficulties. As a result practitioners remain largely ignorant about the concept of culture, its dynamics and how one could set about trying to describe it and then change it.

The Cultural Change Consultancy and Leadership Certification prgramme, Cultural Change Consultancy Certification  sets out to explain what culture is, how it forms, how one can analyse it, the difficulties associated with changing an organizational culture, and a broad review of the literature relevant to organizational cultural change. In our book https://www.amazon.co.uk/Leading-Cultural-Change-Organizational-Transformation/dp/0749473037   we explore cultural change work in depth. 

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