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Transferable skills : Coaching Masters Students through their Dissertation

01 June 2023

As a team we are all  passionate about helping others grow and develop into their proffesional identities.

We all work with managers and  some of us with managers homing their skills on Master Degree programmes.

The following is a short reflective piece from our colleague Dr David Potter on an opportunity he has that enables him to develop his coaching skills whilst also keeping his knowledge of current change management and leadership thinking up to date. 

"I am extremely fortunate to get the opportunity to guide masters’ students through their dissertation on behalf of Adam Smith Business School University of Glasgow. This year I will guide 24 of these impressive students through a 4-month journey that brings together the sum of their academic study. I recognise that this is the pinnacle of their hard work and investment in this internationally respected Business School.

I get so much from this experience . I get the opportunity to use my coaching skills on behalf of both emerging business leaders and established ones to provide them with constructive client centred support. I also keep learning about current and established ideas based in peer reviewed literature about organisational change and leadership.

The key coaching skills that I think are the difference that makes the difference are:

1. Active Listening,
2. Recognising and valuing their potential to excel
3. Pacing their experiences and states
4. Providing a healthy balance between acknowledging strengths and areas to be developed
5. Proving unambiguous feedback
6. Building and maintaining rapport
7. Nurturing a climate of psychological safety

On reflection these are the core skills that they will need to build successful careers as leaders operating globally . Love this commission."

If you would like to speak with David about your own coaching needs please contact him direct at [email protected]