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An Alternative Way of Being through Corporate NLP

21 July 2017

I was once a very judge mental character. I regularly imposed my ‘maps’ onto others. If they did not ‘fit’ into my maps then they held the ‘wrong maps’. I was at times not that reflective regards my emotional, behavioural, or cognitive states. I allowed my emotions to lead me, rather than activating my capabilities at conscious leadership. I can also see these qualities in others and I know that in management this type of State profile is common. We just need to look at some of the comments people receive on Linked in to see the evidence of this phenomenon or think about people we come into daily contact with. In NLP terms, we call this ‘CRASH State’ which involves being trapped in a toxic mindset that result in states of being such as:

Contracted: Uptight, emotionally fragile, closed to the ideas of others unless they match one’s own.

Reactive: Making impulsive decisions, reacting emotionally, not self reflecting

Action Paralysis: Overthinking past events or future events and reinforcing negative emotions

Separate: Feeling disconnected from other’s either based on their beliefs, values, or attitudes as you perceive them to be.

Hurt: A sense of hurt that we feel as we think through our loss in-terms of power, influence, achievement, recognition or expertise.

The toxic effect of CRASH state is very unhealthy and yet, I fear that in our management teams and across occupational cultures it may be widespread. Clearly CRASH state contaminates the culture of work and social domains such as LinkedIn and gets in the way of each of us fully enjoying what we do and who we are. However, the good news is that it does not need to be this way. 


COACH State all the way

NLP offers an alternative state to CRASH State which is COACH State, a super resourceful state that enables dialogue, frees up limiting beliefs and dramatically changes the culture of work and the nature and quality of relationships. I have taught myself how to build COACH state using NLP methods and how to recognise when I am moving into CRASH State and how to disrupt this resourceful process.

COACH State is a Mindset characterised by a high degree of ‘optimism’ whilst CRASH state is characterised by a high degree of ‘pessimism’.

When we are in COACH state we feel ‘Connected ‘to our colleagues, customers and the purpose, vision, and mission of our organisation.

We are ‘Open’ to sharing our vulnerability with others and we are ‘Open ‘to new ideas and contrasting points of view.

In COACH state, we are ‘Attentive’ to our own needs and importantly the needs of others.

We often feel ‘Confident’ about our roles, our futures, and our relationship as we enjoy a sense of feeling ‘Centred’.

Finally, when in COACH state we can ‘Hold’ difficult feelings, audit these internally and change the ‘thought patterns’ that produce the toxic mindsets that are stimulating CRASH. 


An Alternative Approach

NLP offers a way of thinking and being that imbeds COACH State as a ‘Habit of Mind’. On Thursday 12th October at University of Strathclyde Technology and Innovation Centre we will be exploring the methods you can use to build COACH State, become self-aware when you are entering CRASH State and disrupt this process by immediately accessing COACH State. This will be a taste of some of the techniques that have been recognised as Best Management Training Practices by the Chartered Management Institute http://www.managers.org.uk/ against the National Occupational Standards.

You can check out this opportunity at www.nlpforchangeleaders.eventbrite.co.uk and you can access our training brochure ‘NLP Certification for Change Leaders’ under training products at www.culturalchange.co.uk