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NLP Certification for Change Leaders our CMI Recognised Programme

16 August 2017

NLP Certification for Change Leaders which is a CMI recognised programme is a unique course which can greatly improve the probability that a change project will be highly successful. The course is unique as it provides an opportunity for participants to develop social strategies and business Change Leadership models that are built on key success factors. These success factors were forged in the creative melting pot of Silicon Valley and can be understood as “The difference that makes the difference between mediocre, average and outstanding Change Leadership. The course brochure is available at www.culturalchange.co.uk under Training Products.

Our approach is based upon an ‘Action Learning’ model which ensures that the training is anchored in practical experiences that all participants can relate to whilst maintaining a knowledge source informed by innovative ideas and practices. Throughout the five days learning journey we will create a dynamic coaching container within which generative collaboration will flourish.

What is very different and is the difference that makes the difference is the fact that we blend Change Leadership practices with an emphasis upon developing important behavioural, cognitive, and emotional skills. We will both demonstrate and teach practical strategies that facilitate mastery of Change Leaders capabilities at:

  • Behavioural Flexibility
  • Emotional Flexibility
  • Cognitive Flexibility

By ‘Modelling’ over 25 patterns of behaviour, cognition and emoting, participants will
take away a skill set that they can teach to colleagues and use in a day to day basis as Change Leaders. Participants will emerge as ‘Conscious Change Leaders’ aware of the importance of reflecting upon their internal states as well as their external relationships. Thus, you will master both ‘Inter’ and ‘Intra’ Personal Soft Skills.

We will be hosting a 1-day NLP Networking event on Thursday 12th October at University of Strathclyde Technology and Innovation Centre. www.nlpforchangeleaders.eventbrite.co.uk

The aim is to bring together a community of practitioners involved in Change projects to explore the amazing benefits of Modelling NLP Change Leadership skills. So, if your curious and open to exploring different approaches to Change Leadership in alternative places that work we love to meet with you.