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Culture Really Does Matter

Building leadership and management skills to craft high performance cultures

23 January 2024

Building Leadership and Management Skills to craft high performance cultures




We are all aware of the regular  headlines that draw attention to the relationship between organisational culture and organisational effectiveness. The relationship between culture, leadership, staff engagement and overall organisational effectiveness is not a new understanding however it has certainly reemerged as a very current and pressing strategic theme for leaders across all sectors today.

 At the heart of every organisation is the beating system of beliefs and values that generate leadership styles which impact upon the quality and form of staff engagement.  

The role of leaders in Public, Private and Voluntary organisations is clearly to manage organisational effectiveness so that the ambition, mission and vision of the Board and its shareholders can be realised.

 However, this is no longer a simple transactional process through which managers pull the leavers of legitimate authority and staff respond accordingly.  

This is a deeply complex cultural process which aims to generate a sustainable organisational culture rooted in the belief that the role of leaders in organisations is to establish a climate of:

  • Psychological safety

and foster a belief system that the work ‘we do here’ is Psychologically  meaningful to staff at all levels in all roles. To do this leaders /manager's have to be open to critical reflexivity, continuous personal development and growth and discipline themselves to be fully present and thus Psychologically available to their teams. These ideas are rooted in the work of Khan, (1990)

All of the above are necessary to achieve a work-based culture synonymous with positive staff engagement with peers, leaders, customers and roles. These are no longer esoteric academic concepts that are the tools solely used by academics.

These are fundamental conceptual resources that inform management and leadership practice, and it is arguably incumbent on management teams to master these ideas and the practical leadership behaviours that are informed by them. Relying on the traditional transactional leadership to build sustainable high-performance cultures is simply not good enough.

However, sometimes it is the case that despite positive intentions to lead with impact we are disadvantaged because we simply ‘do not know what we do not know’ .

The problem seems to be that whilst most managers will refer to their culture almost daily the idea that it  can be managed and that managers can be ‘trained’ in the practice of cultural change management is not I feel widely appreciated.

Also the fact that such training can be based on action learning principles which is very experientially driven creating legacy competencies for organisations is also not fully developed in organisations.

We have developed a unique training programme ‘Cultural Change Consultancy and Leadership Certification’ course brochure  available at https://www.culturalchange.co.uk/training-products which allows managers, be it from operations, HRM or even consultants and coaches wishing to expand into the field of cultural change work to

  • De-mystify the secrets of successful cultural change leadership.
  • Prepare them to implement successful cultural change within their employers or client’s organisation

Cultural Change Consultancy and Leadership Certification is a change management development toolkit that works with the ‘planning’, ‘analytical’, and ‘intrapersonal’ skills that produce excellent Change Managers in organisations. Cultural Change Consultancy and Leadership Certification builds excellent soft & hard cultural change leadership skills and offers clients a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Recognised Programme.

If you would like to learn more about our approach then please drop me a note at [email protected] and we can have a chat.