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Culture Really Does Matter

Review of our training philosophy at www.culturalchange.co.uk

27 December 2023

At the Cultural Change Company, we are passionate about working with clients to enable positive cultural change in the workplace. We are specialists at cultural change work in organisations and we believe that understanding the dynamics of organisational culture does matter.

The need to work both smarter and more effectively with organisational culture, the foundations of the organisation, as a significant change target has never been greater.

Our strategy is to work in rapport with clients to build the capacity through action and knowledge transfer to expand their cultural change management capabilities. We use an exciting learning strategy that mixes novel ideas with action learning related to proven change management methods.

For us cultural change starts at a very personal level. If I change a value or a belief this will lead to a change in my attitudes and my behaviours. This is essentially a cultural change. This change in myself can then be role-modelled by others and thus the change ripples throughout the cultural system of the organisation. This is what we mean by the butterfly effect.

To change at the level of self involves developing our intrapersonal skills which enhance our interpersonal skills and our approach also addresses these requirements.

Our passion is working with managers and students of managers to awaken in them their potential for creating the kind of organisational culture that they want to belong to.

Our special gift is building rapport with our customers in action learning sets so that they can bring their authentic selves to the learning experience.

Our vision is a world of organisations where we can all bring our authentic self to work and enjoy a culture of learning which encourages people to be the very best version of themselves.

Our mission is to awaken in managers and students of management their potential as cultural shapers and share with them the knowledge they need to realise this role and empower them with the skills they need to apply the knowledge.

Our training programmes are the primary vehicles we use to live out our passion and share our special gift and realise our vision, and mission to enable clients to unlock the full power of their cultural change leadership capabilities. Our approach will enable you to:

  • De-mystify the secrets of successful cultural change leadership.
  • Prepare yourself to implement successful cultural change.
  • Harness powerful cultural change methodologies.
  • Acquire transferable cultural change leadership skills and capabilities.
  • Develop your reflexivity and conscious leadership capabilities.

Our approach is very practical and experiential and is based upon industry best practice examples and cutting-edge ideas with regard to cultural change work. Please do contact [email protected] to chat through your specific needs to craft your identity as an expert in cultural change work.