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Building your Future Through Goal Setting

27 February 2021

I am currently reading 'Generative Trance: The experience of creative flow’ by Stephen Gilligan which explores the idea of generative change at the level of self. The book is packed with rich insights into personal change at the generative level. One of the techniques reviewed in the book is goal setting.  I loved this methodology and I would like to share it with you. Although I have adapted the method inspired by Stephen's methodology.


Ask your partner to think about five different themes in their personal life that can enhance the quality of their lives. They are not to say these themes out loud though they may write them down as short notes. 

Then ask your ask your partner to share with you in specific relation to each of the five themes in terms of personal goals: “What do they want more of in life?” Ask your partner to place the palm of their hand on their tummy or their heart area when thinking about their answer as this helps facilitate deeper reflection and connection with the questions.

Your partners answer should start with the following sentence; “What I want more of in life is:” followed by a statement of what they want more of which should be articulated in no more than five words.  If your partner uses more than five words, then you playfully encourage them to reframe their desire within five words.

For example in my own case I answered:

  1. What I want more of in life is: to help others develop.
  2. What I want more of in my life is:  rapport in all my relationships.
  3. What I want more of in life is:  validation  of my work.
  4. What I want more of in life is: opportunities to express myself creatively
  5. What I want more of in life is: strength, stamina, flexibility and health.

The next stage involves asking your partner to rank their five goals in-order of importance and ask them to explain their reasoning behind the ranking.

Finally,  if you wish you could ask your partner the following question:

“To achieve each of your goals what are you going to do more of or do differently?

Enjoy and be playful