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NLP For Change Leaders: The Butterfly Effect . Published by Routledge May 2018

24 January 2018

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We know a lot about change leadership. We understand how to design change programs, and we know how to prescribe best practice change methods. Yet, despite all this knowledge a significant percentage of change leadership projects fail to realise many of their objectives. The fault lines are cited as issues concerning fixed mindsets, limiting beliefs, dysfunctional culture and a lack of meaningful leadership inspired dialogues. It is also understood that soft leadership skills development is required to successfully manage such fault lines.

This book will explain ‘how’ change leaders may ‘consciously generate’ in themselves and in others ‘resourceful’ mindsets, emotions, attitudes, and behaviours to enable positive change leadership relationships. ‘NLP for Change Leaders: The Butterfly Effect: makes a valuable contribution to change leadership practices by connecting the transformational capabilities of NLP with the challenging role of change leadership. This innovative book explains NLP and provides a comprehensive model for enabling the development of our soft leadership skills and the emergence of the outstanding change leader that we all have the potential to become.

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